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Sunday, 3 July 2011

how thare you!!

eeeeeee" -.-" grrrrrr" -.-" .. what is this..??!! why me??!! why u give this* to me???!! .....i think ur just make a jOke, seriusly u make me suprise with all this....huhh!! hOw thare u dO that to me ...!! come on la dear,, terime je lah kenyataan yg kite ni just a freands,...
seriusly i'm still suprise.. and nOthg to say...i just can smile right now.. :)) and don't nOw why i'm smilling right now....WTH with u maira..huhh!! wake up la maira frOm ur dream -.-" , dye org punye keyhh!! bkn kau punye!! --" ..sO tk payah nk pikir sngt about that thing.
evrythg arOund inside my mind..and i still blurr,, gOd help me,,,,,,what should i feel??? happy??? angry??? hate??? tk mintk pn jawapn dri persOln kat awk......hermmmm......who do you think ur are!.....

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