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Thursday, 30 June 2011

For them ;)

fOr my dear besttie, Hazrina.., because make this account blOgger fOr me..thnks sngt2 yee ank pakcik Dean, ti I blaje U ye dear, 2 pn klO time ade duwet :P ..heeheee :D

fOr my beloved mama, because make u angry.., "degil"!! that a word that suit fOr me coz nOt listening what did u say, 2 la spe suruh manje kn org :P ...sOli mama :)

fOr my sweetlolypOp frewn, Azhari..hahaa, seriusly ImissUsOmuch kot!! miss everything abOut u ;'( .., seee!! i start crying nOw!! sukekn tengOk cy nagis pasal awk! ;'( .......sOrry coz not answering ur cll, not reply ur msg, n dOn't want to see u... tk de niat pn kat haty ni nk buat awk cam 2.. but trust me dear, have reason why i do this, n this is the best way fOr us....tak bole nk ckp ape dah...enough until here,,, airmate da mengalir tk bole brhenti ;'( ...ayie my dear, gOd nows evrythg...
nothing tO give fOr u my dear, just a fake smile frOm me ;') ILY.


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